Come VISIT the UK’s biggest free Spice Festival this SEPTEMBER

Venue Address:

East End House, Kenrick Way, West Bromwich B71 4EA

A weekend getaway with your family and friends; delve in the taste of the finest street food from the best midland restaurants while you swoon to the tunes of the most famous UK acts and international artists. The fun doesn't end there. In tandem with our Live Music stage, there will be a stage dedicated to our finest chefs. Here our chefs will cook live for the audience while celebrities indulge themselves in reviewing their best work and in learning there expertise. Singing, dancing, and cooking. Sounds like a festivity to remember. But wait, there's more. The audience will get the rare chance to take a visually interactive learning based tour of the spices factory.

Here you can learn how East End creates and stores it's finest spices. The secret of spices will be a secret no more. We welcome you, to the spices festival.

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